Why is Iran so paranoid about environmentalism?

The power games of radicals for selfish ends are jeopardizing the sincere efforts of the Iran’s environmental community.

Eight Iranian conservationists have been in the Evin Prison since early 2018, being accused of using environmental activism as a cover for a mission to disrupt national security.
Kavous Seyed-Emami, one of the arrested PHWF members, died under an alleged suicide in the Evin Prison in February 2018.
Kaveh Madani: The environment in Iran has been politicized, securitized, and criminalized.
Kavous Seyed-Emami’s email to the PWHF’s Board of Directors on September 26, 2017 regarding the decision to discontinue cooperation with Panthera, following Tom Kaplan’s speech on September 19, 2017. This email (translated above) was recently disclosed by the Seyed-Emami family.
PWHF’s letter to then Panthera’s president, Luke Hunter, in October 2017, few months before the arrest of its members, in reaction to Tom Kaplan’s speech and statements against Iran. The letter was recently shared by the Seyed-Emami family.

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Former Deputy Head of Iran’s Department of Environment, Ex-VP of United Nations Environment Assembly Bureau, Rice Senior Fellow at Yale, www.kavehmadani.com

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